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  • Published on Jul 19, 2017

  • Sad Slenderman Original Episodes 1 - 10 The “Sad Slenderman” aka the “Slenderman - A Sad Story” series is a parody of the original character “SLENDER MAN”. Amateur Beats by Jeremy Sanchez (Thats me) “You're Freakin' Meowt!” Podcast (Explicit Content) NOW ON ITUNES: GooglePlay Music: Stitcher: Soundcloud (Limited Episodes): - My sisters channel: My brothers channel: My Other Channel (For nothing really): Twitter: GhostToast Instagram: Facebook: NewGrounds: http://ghosttoastanimation.newgrounds... RedBubble: My name on these sites: Twitter - @GhostToastToons Instagram - ghosttoast_toons Facebook - GhostToast Animation Newgrounds - GhostToast Animation Redbubble - Jeremy Sanchez All content, images, graphics, characters etc. featured in all GhostToast Animation videos, with the exception of featured characters for parody such as the i.e. slenderman, are the intellectual property of Jeremy Sanchez 2019 ©


  • Cream Puffz
    Cream Puffz 2 years ago (edited)

    1 like= Slender will have a minute with his daughter.

  • GrayWoolfGaming 45
    GrayWoolfGaming 45 1 month ago (edited)

    P-poor slenderman... I cried when slendy’s daughter died...

  • Sofia playz
    Sofia playz 3 months ago

    This is why slendy kills people

  • Shoe Yeeter
    Shoe Yeeter 1 month ago (edited)

    Anyone else watching this in 👇 2019?

  • veronica Major
    veronica Major 3 months ago

    1=5 slaps tip the women who killed slenderman child 😭😭😢😢

  • Kharl And Lance Adventures

    Imagine if Slenderman was your father...

  • Vanessa da goya
    Vanessa da goya 1 month ago

    Hit the like button if you're sorry for slender man I am so sorry for sounding man and his daughter😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😡😡😡😡😱😱😱😨

    MAYOR IS COOMING 2 months ago

    Slender has a golden heart, he just want to protect her daughter ,I love him!😍🖤

  • Gacha_Wolfy363 ???
    Gacha_Wolfy363 ??? 2 months ago

    I mean slender is the good person cause he was a great father. One like for slender and bring back his kid

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer 9 months ago

    1 like=1 hour slender man gets to spend time with his daughter

  • Spiceyspoon :3
    Spiceyspoon :3 1 month ago (edited)


  • ELverdaderoOVALAO
    ELverdaderoOVALAO 1 month ago

    ok so I got 2 things 2 say:

  • Katie Begley
    Katie Begley 1 month ago

    I think slender man is cool because he has no face but he can see

  • Rachel Parker
    Rachel Parker 3 months ago

    really heart warming (:

  • Brayan mor1920
    Brayan mor1920 3 months ago

    Ghost toast plushie also if your reading this ghost toast you are such a great animater 😎👍

  • Gâlactïc Vxbëš
    Gâlactïc Vxbëš 3 months ago

    I just realized his daughter is the only one with a mouth

  • irfet osmani
    irfet osmani 3 months ago

    1 like means 100 years slender and his daugther to live together

  • Allison And the gacha history’s and more

    I al waist think sally Williams was her adopting daughter

  • Some uninteresting homosexual furry.

    Slenderman: I have crippling depression.

  • B L E U B E R R Y _ W A F F L E :3

    p..poor slender... i cried ;(