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  • Published on Jul 20, 2018

  • After a year of widespread racial violence in America and claimed member increases, Dan Vernon gains rare access of seven months with the most notorious supremacist group in America, the Ku Klux Klan. During his time he will follow the Traditionalist Knights to understand who really belongs to the group and whether members of the KKK are really on the rise. Subscribe here for more full length documentaries: Welcome to Reel Truth the home of amazing documentaries! Here you will find full episode documentaries and documentary series, covering true crime, medical, science and more. #kukluxklan #kkkdocumentary #reeltruth


  • Kayla Madeline
    Kayla Madeline 7 months ago

    Imagine driving 6 hours just to be racist somewhere else

  • constipated will
    constipated will 1 month ago

    when you take wizard 101 too far

  • yay
    yay 3 weeks ago

    This is comedy its grown men playing dress up and giving eachother fake leadership roles. Hahaha


    Klan's getting kinda chubby huh?

  • ImJustPhoenix
    ImJustPhoenix 3 weeks ago

    I bet their family tree looks like a recycling sign♻️♻️♻️

  • Wisemagicalhags
    Wisemagicalhags 11 months ago

    it's not too surprising seeing how many of those members are fat whales

  • Kurt Hamblet
    Kurt Hamblet 4 weeks ago

    He joined the KKK because he didn’t get welfare. ROTFL

  • COWBOYS fan1980
    COWBOYS fan1980 1 month ago

    Really mannnn!! Have a white day?? That's the cornieset thing I've ever heard in my life. Way to think inside the box lls!!!

  • T Sulli
    T Sulli 3 weeks ago

    Nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, it just becomes a problem when you want to hurt people not like you

  • Grace Staton
    Grace Staton 1 month ago

    I feel bad for the kids dude they don't know no better smh 🙁😔

  • Watermolon 21
    Watermolon 21 11 months ago

    How much you want to bet his wife is also his cousin and mother

  • lauren reeves
    lauren reeves 1 month ago

    The sad part about this is its about to be 2020

  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 weeks ago

    A retired police officer, that's scary

  • wartb.
    wartb. 4 weeks ago

    Why are people disliking the documentary? I think it deserves thousands of likes, it's the people in it who's supposed to be disliked.

  • rati tatishvili
    rati tatishvili 1 week ago

    You are not a Christian if you set a cross on fire

  • Stephlynn
    Stephlynn 7 months ago

    I would love for them to take dna tests and see how “white” they really are

  • Avital Pilpel
    Avital Pilpel 1 month ago

    I swear the guy behind the mask @

  • Dax Wheatley
    Dax Wheatley 3 weeks ago

    These ppl look like a bunch of adults who never grew out of dungeons and dragons😂😂😂 every time i see the purple wizard i chuckle a little bit. This is actually pretty funny to watch.

  • Hixxmy •
    Hixxmy • 3 weeks ago

    Guy with the guitar looked like spongebob in his first movie 😭

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J 1 month ago (edited)

    But its ok for you all to threaten a black family with kids?